panel 2015

panel 2015

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4.1. Panel Discussion

At the first day of the festival a panel was formed to talk about the women issues and

importance of the festival and beside this answered to the questions of the reporters and other peoples.

A panel discussion was held in the afternoon, wherediscussed the issue of Violence against Women in Afghanistan. The discussions centered on the Law for the Prohibition of Violence against Women, which would “reduce women’s vulnerability in the face of violence.”


4.2. Select the panel members for the panel discussion
The panel consists of seven people whom all of them werewomenhad selected to discuss the aforementioned issues and answer to the audiences’ questions .

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List of Panelists:

No Name Job
1 Masiha Fayez Gender and legislation Advisor EVAW Pillar-UN Women
2 SemaGhani Women Rights Activist
3 Marya Bashir Lawyer
4 MahbobaJamshedi Department of Women Affairs Director
5 HomairaSaqeb Women Rights Activist
6 Aziza Khairandish Civil Society and Human Right Network
7 FardinaSorosh UniversityLaw Department Teacher

The panel was conducted to answer the people and reporter’s questions so everyone was invited and allowed to attend and join this panel as an audience. The discussion started in the panel hall that was prepared and decorated merely for the panel discussion and the entire panelist people had some speeches and talked about the festival significant and women issues and in the meantime the media and audiences also asked their questions.

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