Founders and Executive Team

Founders and Executive Team

Roya Sadat CO / Founder and Executive director

Roya Sadat is an established film maker and President of RoyaFilm house. She is, jointly with Guissou Jahangiri, the co-President of the First International Women’s Film Festival-Herat.

“We are especially proud that the ancient city of Herat hosts the extraordinary First International Women’s Film Festival, situated in the heart of a region with a great historical heritage enabling dialogue among women and men of the craft from different countries. “

Guissou JahangiriCO / Founder

Guissou Jahangiri, a political sociologist, Vice-president of International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and Executive Director of Armanshahr Foundation/OPEN ASIA, is, jointly with Roya Sadat, co-President of the First International Women’s Film Festival-Herat.

“The festival is scheduled to be held every year, with a view to celebrate the 7th Art, enhance its quality, expose the community to diversity of ideas and create a forum for peaceful exchange both inside the country and regionally.”

Aziz DeildarTechnical director

Aziz Deildar is a respected Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts (Cinema Department) at Kabul University lecturing in screenwriting and directing. Also he is writer and producer also Production Manager in Roya Film House (RFH). He was attendant to many film festival and his new film script become the 30 Best Asian film.

He is recently got his master’s degree from Beijing university in miscommunication.

Alka SadatInternational coordinator

Alka Sadat was born in Herat, Afghanistan. She studied Cinema in Italy and is now deputy president of Roya Film house. Her second film “No. 1” brought her recognition by winning the Afghanistan Peace Prize. Alka has made 18 documentaries winning 12 award at the national and international levels. Alka deals mostly with women’s rights and human rights in her films.

RooholAmin AminiNational coordinator

Rooholamin Amini, a poet and writer, was born in Herat in 1983. He is Deputy Director of Armanshahr Foundation and has published six poetry anthologies and two books. He was Cultural and Arts Editor of Ettefgah Islam newspaper, responsible for literary and cultural programs of Radio Sobh Beh Kheir (Good Morning) Afghanistan and editorial board member of Peyman newspaper. He was also the first Editor-in-Chief of Mandegar daily.

Ahmad Shuja NaderyGeneral manager /International hospitality Coordinator

Ahmad Shuja Naderi program and production manager of RFH born in 1988 and has joined RFH in October 2014. He has completed his bachelor in business economics Kateb University of Afghanistan 2012 and got his MBA in finance from Assam Don Bosco University of India 2015. He has received many training related to management and finance such as financial management, leadership Technics, program management and etc. He has more than 12 years of working experience in different positions of organizations as Finance Manager.

Foad DehqanpoorInternational Coordinator
Ahmad Shakib MosawiNational hospitality coordinator
Shar-bano NoriExecutive Senior Agent

Shahr bano born in Kabul – Afghanistan. she Graduated from Fine Arts Faculty of Cinema Department in field of Film Direction, from Kabul University. Working in RFH since 2008 in many films and TV series as producer assistant and craft service manager.

Bijan SiyamakExecutive Manager and International Coordinator

Bijan Siyamak is an Afghan independent filmmaker:  Writer & Director, Screenwriter and translator. He studied direction of cinema at the Asian Film & Television Academy and Shobhit University and studied creative writing at the  Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

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