Media Team

Media Team

Farid farahmand3D Artist
Sohibe herawi graphic designer

Sohibe herawi is a Professional Graphic designer he studded his bachelor degree in mass -Communication faculty in Cairo University – Egypt. He reached that professional level just by MOOCS – Self Study and Related books. He is graphic designer in Creativity Department at RFH from 2016 – till now. He was the head of media department (External Convoys) in Resale charity organization – (2009-2015) –Cairo and Co- Founder of independent Media Organization –2012 -Giza. He is working hard to make designs that deliver hope Massage internationally with local smell.

Sayed Ahmad Emamy Promotions / Documentary film

Sayed Ahmad Emami is a writer and director. He was born in Sarpul province in Afghanistan in 1993 and started studying cinema at Kabul University in 2012. He graduated from cinema in 1395. During his school years, he made five short films, including Allah Akbar and 2-1 = 0, whose films achieved significant success at domestic and foreign festivals. She is one of the most talented young Afghan filmmakers. He has also worked with many media companies and has produced a large number of commercials and commercials. He likes to see and photograph in his spare time.

Rashed lovanCamera / Documentary film